As salamu A’laykum,
Welcome to Darul Arqam Madrasa page.
Darul Arqam Madrasa for children aged 5-16, are unique part-time educational institution managed by Darul Arqam educational body.
We have two programmes to choose from weekday evenings & weekends with the facility of studying physically onsite.
Currently we are working on this page to develop and available all the information for parents and students in coming months.
Jazakallahu Khair.
Darul Arqam Madrasa

Urgent Madrasa teacher (Male) needed!

Darul Arqam is looking for qualified Madrasa teachers to teach children aged between 5-16. Position available for both Monday- Friday (5-7 pm) & Saturday-Sunday(10am-1pm).

If you are interested, please forward your CV to email: or contact: 07574434610.

Darul Arqam Madrasa,
Plaistow E13 8JH.